Event Schedule

I'm learning all my colours,
                I'm really very smart.
       I put the colours in my head,
                        I know them all by heart.


Dear Parents,

We are celebrating colour days to help our children understand and learn about the different colours around us. You are requested to kindly dress your child in the colour of the day and send an object or a toy (optional) according to the following schedule.


Wednesday         10th Feb’16       Blue Day                     

Thursday             11th Feb’16       Yellow Day

Friday                  12th Feb’16       Red Day              

Wednesday         17th Feb’16       Green Day

Thursday             18th Feb’16       Purple Day

Friday                  19th Feb’16       Orange Day

Wednesday         24th Feb’16       Pink Day

Thursday             25th Feb’16       Black & White Day

Friday                  26th Feb’16       Brown Day

Monday               29th Feb’16       RAINBOW DAY (Any colour of the rainbow)  


Note: It is mandatory for the students to wear their name I.D strings.


School Office